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I started having joint problems in 2006. After decades of football, basketball, running, and playing golf, I began to have knee stiffness and soreness. Later, that was followed by osteoarthritis in the knee. I enjoyed walking while playing golf, but now this was an impossibility. I started going to the VA clinic to save a few dollars. They put be on pain pills and muscle relaxers. That helped with the pain, but my knee continued to deteriorate. My friends asked me what I was doing for the problem, and they all shared their own remedies. Most of them were taking over-the-counter pain tablets just to get through the day.

Knee Replacement

This persisted for years. I concluded that the VA clinic physicians were not capable of healthy-jointdoing anything else but write the same prescriptions. That was very frustrating. Especially when I was told my next option would be knee replacement. After evaluating this option, I decided to try to do some research of my own. I began to try several different popular advertised supplements, but the problems persisted. I so no improvement after years of trial and error.

Then, LIFE EXTENSION Foundation

I first discovered tart cherry juice about a year ago. I had read where tart cherries were found to ward off inflammation, the primary cause for joint and muscle pain.I was following the directions, but was not getting the results I needed. Then, one day in my continued search for relief, I came across an article by LIFE EXTENSION Magazine on the benefits of tart cherries. I had been through several physical therapy sessions and continued my worouts at home. I was not getting the relief from the tart cherries or other supplements I was taking and was considering going back to pain medications when I spotted the article.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Tart Cherry

Standard treatment for muscle pain and inflammation has been with nonsteroidal anti-tart-cherryinflammatory drugs. With over 111 million prescriptions and accounting for around 60% of over-the-counter pain reliever sales in the USA alone, these are some of the most commonly used types of medications. But because they can have deadly side effects, including gastric bleeding, heart attack, and kidney failure, the search for natural agents that could prove more beneficial and safer has gained increased attention. The compounds found in cherries modulate numerous pathways to protect against other conditions associated with inflammation—including cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease. For example, tart cherry constituents can switch critical genes off and on; modulate cell-signaling molecules like tumor necrosis factor; and target multiple cardiovascular factors—producing, in one study model, an astounding 65% reduction in early mortality.

Muscle Protection

teat-cherry-muscleHigh-intensity or prolonged physical activity of any kind typically causes muscle damage, resulting in oxidative stress, inflammation, and pain. As people age, muscle mass and strength tend to decrease, in a process called sarcopenia. Although exercise can help overcome this process, post-exercise pain and loss of strength tend to last much longer. The observed anti-inflammatory benefits of tart cherries prompted researchers to investigate whether they could be used to protect muscles, lower pain, and accelerate muscle repair. Research demonstrated that orally administered anthocyanins from tart cherries significantly lowered inflammation-induced pain in a dose-dependent manner and that tart cherry juice blend lowered indicators of exercise-induced muscle damage. The most recent trial on muscle injury and recovery included ten males, half of whom drank one ounce of a tart cherry beverage twice daily (There it was! This is double the recommended amount on the package I was using which stated 1 ounce per day.)for ten days, while the other half drank the same amount of a placebo beverage during this period. Faster recovery of the knee extension (maximum voluntary contraction force) was observed with the tart cherry juice protocol versus control. The researchers concluded that the improved muscle recovery time may have been due to attenuation of oxidative damage. The study author suggested that tart cherry components produce a significant myoprotective—or muscle-protecting—benefit. 

Joint Defense

Experts estimate that one out of every two Americans will develop symptomatic tart-cherry-jointosteoarthritis at some point in their lifetime. Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition characterized by a breakdown of joint cartilage that leads to pain and injury. The Arthritis Foundation reports that the risk of developing osteoarthritis is greater among those of increased age, those who are athletic or regularly engage in repetitive-motion work, and those who are obese. Osteoarthritis has a strong inflammatory component. Acetaminophen is the most commonly used osteoarthritis pain medication. However, this pain-reliever does nothelp lower inflammation, and its side effects can include kidney or liver damage. In a 2007 pilot study, researchers at Baylor Research Institute gave tart cherries in pill form to patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. They documented that, after 8 weeks, more than half the subjects experienced a significant improvement in pain and function. Then, in 2012, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, ahead of publication. Scientists measured the impacts of tart cherry on serum inflammatory biomarkers among inflammatory osteoarthritis patients. (Patients with inflammatory or erosive osteoarthritis are those who suffer from sudden signs of inflammation, such as redness, pain, and swelling.) This research demonstrates that tart cherry juice provides osteoarthritis patients with anti-inflammatory activity without the adverse effects and risks of traditional arthritis medications. To begin your journey to optimal joint and muscle health, go to the BEST tart-cherry-productsource for New Health and Medical Findings From Around the World! LIFE EXTENSION!  Highest Quality Supplements Since 1980
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Fast-Acting Joint Formula

As a result of this positive experience, I became a member of the LIFE EXTENSION Foundation and began to receive LIFE EXTENSION Magazine. The articles are priceless. Each month you get a look at the latest research for health and longevity from around the world. Then, a few months ago I came across an article about a new joint formula that was released by LIFE EXTENSION. This new product, named "Fast-Acting Joint Formula,"was guaranteed to provide joint relief in days and weeks, not months or years as with some supplements. I had now developed trust for LIFE EXTENSION advise and decided to give their product a healthy-joint-2try. This was the best thing that has happened to my joints in 20 years! I noticed improvement in my joint mobility and muscle pain within a week, and after 2 weeks the pain had been reduced by 75%! I was also able to stop wearing my knee all day. I pnly wear it now if I know I'm going to be on my feet a long time. Joint stiffness and discomfort can stand in the way of even simple everyday tasks. Fast-Acting Joint Formula provides three innovative ingredients that can offer joint support in days, instead of the weeks or months it can take with supplements like glucosamine and MSM. This innovative formula includes three unique ingredients that work together to help inhibit inflammatory factors, lubricate joints, and support growth of healthy joint tissue. Don’t let soreness slow you down. Try Fast-Acting Joint Formula! This unique formula promotes joint comfort, shields your joints against free radical assault, protects against normal joint wear and tear, and helps support the growth of healthy joint tissue. To begin your journey to optimal joint and muscle health, go to the BEST fast-actingsource for New Health and Medical Findings From Around the World! LIFE EXTENSION! Highest Quality Supplements Since 1980
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